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Kamelot -- London, England -- March 29th, 2009

Rule The World Tour
Venue: Islington Academy
Support: Amberian Dawn (last minute replacement for Serenity)

Dream Evil (20:15 - 21:00)
Made of Metal
Fire! Battle! In Metal!
Blind Evil
Heavy Metal In The Night
Calling Your Name
Kingdom of The Damned
In Flames You Burn
Crusaders' Anthem
The Chosen Ones

Kamelot (21:30 - 23:00)
Rule The World
When The Lights Are Down
Soul Society
Center of The Universe
Pendulus Fall
The Human Stain
The Haunting (Somewhere In Time)
Keyboard solo >
Ghost Opera
March of Mephisto

3/2 Helloween
21/2 Inglorious
4/3 Wednesday 13
5/3 Wednesday 13

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