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Toxic Holocaust -- Mountainview, CA -- March 27th, 2009

1. Metal Attack
2. Endless Armageddon
3. Feedback, Blood and Distortion
4. Wild Dogs
5. Reaper's Grave
6. Death Brings Death
7. War is Hell
8. Future Shock
9. In the Name of Science...
10. Gravelord
11. Lord of the Wasteland
12. 666
13. Nuke the Cross

Awesome show, plus it was free. I was surprised they played for about 40 min actually, didn't expect that long for a one off record store promo show. Sadly they probably only drew 30 people, and of those maybe 15 were really into it, and of those only maybe 3 (outside of a few of my friends) were REALLY into it and knew any of the songs.
Got there early and helped the band set up, got a signed poster and some other assorted TH stuff.
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