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Destruction -- Hollywood, CA -- March 24th, 2009

This is purely a review as all the setlists have already been posted from other shows of this tour.

I had won a VIP meet-n-greet pass to meet Destruction and attend their soundcheck. So I went to the Key Club at around 3 PM, waited a little while for Destruction's tour manager to show up. I showed him the printout of the winning email and he took me through the backstage area and then on to the stage. He told me you could hang out anywhere inside the building and see the soundcheck and stuff, and I can meet the band after the soundcheck. I got to see Destruction and Mantic Ritual's soundcheck. I also talked to the Mantic Ritual guys as they were sitting next to me and seeing the soundcheck. Destruction were tuning on 'Curse The Gods' during that time. After that I walked up to Schmier and got my poster signed by him as well as a picture taken. He told me that tonight they will be recording the show for a live album, so they are pretty stressed out and they can't take the same amount of time for meet-n-greet as they usually would. So I could meet only Schmier. I did get Mike to sign the poster though. Anyway, it felt really cool to see them do the soundcheck and to meet Schmier!!

I told Ben and Jeff (Mantic Ritual) that I am a big fan and I hope they make many more great albums in the future. They sounded pleasantly surprised to hear that! I also bought one of their shirts and a patch. They thanked me for the support. One funny thing happened while they were at the merch booth. Some guy bought lots of Destrution merch for totally $102. Dan couldn't help but say 'damn thats more than what we totally made'

For those interested in the merch :
album shirts : $20
tour shirts : $25
hoodies : $40
patches : $5, $7
CDs : $15
posters : $5

Mantic Ritual
shirts : $15
patches : $2
CDs : $10

Krisiun : I donno

On to the show then.
Night Terror : Decent set.
Deception : Didn't like them at all.
Taking Over : Good stuff. They were getting good response and they had their own fans too.
Mantic Ritual : Amazingy kickass. I went to this show to see them as much as to see Destruction. I really, really enjoyed their set. It was great to see them for the second time, specially because I'm much more familiar with their songs by now. For me, 'One by One', 'Black Metal', 'Murdered to Death' and 'Panic' were the highlights of the whole night. Dan said that they haven't got such a great response in any other show. And I could guess that as well. The crowd went totally nuts!
Krisiun : I didn't like them at all. May be they are a good band and have their followers, but its just not my cup of tea I guess.
Destruction : They came on pretty late, at around 11:30. Couldn't have had a better opening song than Soul Collector! But the stage divers spoiled the show a lot. Guys stage diving had kicked the mic stands and monitors. As a result, the center mic stopped working after the first song. Schmier got really pissed off. He said 'We are recording this show for our next live album. How do you expect us to record a live album here without one of the mics! You can stage dive and stuff but please don't kick any of the equipment.OK?' After that they moved back the monitors a couple of feet.
The stage divers even took away all the guitar and bass picks from the mic stands! Schmier and Mike used just one pick each throughout the whole show. But inspite of all this, it seemed like they were enjoying doing the show, and of course we were enjoying seeing it! 'Butcher Strikes Back' was the best of the night for me. 'Curse The Gods' was great to hear for the second time on the same night! The Devolution songs kicked major ass too!

All in all a memorable night!
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