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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
Sometimes that's not very plausible, though. I know I've used it a few times, like at NEMHF 07 I put each setlist into notes on my phone for the bands I knew, but I was also farther back, standing near the soundboard. Most shows I'm up front on the rail, though, and if you're up there you're really not in any position to take your phone out every few songs.

But this is a very good idea for anyone who prefers to stand off to the side, instead of having to bring in paper and all that.
Yeah, luckily the past few concerts I've been too I haven't needed too (I wouldn't even have tried at the Soilwork show since I was up at the very front.) But yeah, I normally stand back/off to the side anyway...I like to enjoy the band's music/performance instead of having to watch my head for crowd surfers and protecting from moshing.
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