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Originally Posted by Slasherous View Post
The crowd tonight in detroit was phenomenal. Considering i had to start most of the mosh pits, it was awesome. It felt like a Lord of the Rings convention. Considering im drunk right now, i have no clue what Tyr (the headliner) or SuidAkra played, but Alestorm got the biggest response of the night anyways. There setlist was

1. Over The Seas
2. Leviathan
3. Nancy The Tavern Wench
4. The Headmaster
5. Wenches & Mead
6. Set Sail and Conquer
7. Keelhauled
8 Captain Morgan's Revenge
9. Wolves of The Sea

hope this tickles the fancy of all you Scottish pirate metal fans out there. It tickled mine.
its huntmaster not head
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