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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
White Zombie?
Enh, except is anybody really influenced by Rob Zombie nowadays? If anything he belongs in tiers 10, 11 or 12?

Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
While, on the whole I got a few laughs, I feel the need to comment on a few things:

-Considering that Slaughter of the Soul is considered one of the first Melodeath albums, I think At the Gates probably belongs in Va, not Vb. But that's debatable. I don't know who else got to see ATG touring last summer, but in Worcester EVERYONE around me was talking about how long they'd waited for this show, and the crowd absolutely exploded when the band came on.

-I also disagree with Possessed being in Vb instead of Va, but that's personal taste, so disregard this.

-HOW are Mastodon, Opeth, CoB, and Arch Enemy "Gay ass Ozzfest metalcore bands". While CoB have put out two less than stellar albums in a row now, none of them play metalcore. Saying Opeth is metalcore is down right ridiculous, and I think your so-called True Metal Police would beat YOU for saying that . I understand their placement together on the list, though I think their tier should be COMPLETELY renamed, and SOAD removed from it.
The thing is, the term "metalcore" doesn't necessarily mean "combination of metal and hardcore" as much as it means "shitty band that played shitty metal." At least that's how I feel the "True Metal Police" would use it. While Mastodon and Arch Enemy aren't, in the pure sense of the word "metalcore" they did in fact play on Ozzfest. The thing about Ozzfest, is while they started out as a purebred metal festival, they also pretty much kickstarted the entire career of nu-metal: Limp Bizkit, Korn, Linkin Park, Mudvayne, Slipknot, and a hoist of others. Basically, because of this, if you went on Ozzfest, you were blacklisted as "nu-metal," "metal-core," "mallcore" or whatever term the TMP were using to describe you as "terrible." Any band that went on here now had to work twice as hard to prove themselves to the elitist status quo.

As for Opeth, they were Ultraboris's #0 band. That alone also "blacklists" you. Then there's Bodom, who while they have never been on Ozzfest, and are actually loved by Ultraboris (or at least Hatebreeder was), the fact is, the production and keyboards on some of their albums were a little too slick and techno-ish at points, therefore, music for Hot Topic and "mallcore." As much as I'd love to move Bodom up a tier or two, the fact is, they have a pretty polarizing reception in the metal community.

In regards to At The Gates and In Flames, both were slammed by Ultraboris, but I've heard plenty of praise and influential acclaims from people, (plus, I myself to like some ATG songs), so I put them in the middle "extreme tier."
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