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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post

-Iced Earth is not power metal. They are basically just traditional metal/half-thrash with a lot of ballads. You can call them gay all the live-long day if you wish, but calling them power metal is off-base. The other two bands I selected that you put into this category are just massive WTFs.
From what I've heard from talking to people, most people would consider Iced Earth to be gay power metal or something along those lines, even though I pretty much disagree.

Also, it occurs to me that Helloween should be divided into like two bands, Helloween (early) and Helloween (Deris), because while they'll approve of Helloween, the "TMP" will come out and start calling you an idiot/poser/etc if you say you like the Deris albums.

edit: Also I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I love tier VI - it's so fucking true. There should be more bands there.
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