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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
IV. 2nd Tier (bands who if you declare out loud that they suck, the TMP will not care)
Gamma Ray

IX. Gay ass hair metal
Yngwie Malmsteen

X. Fruity fairy power metal (apologies to Maiden33 )
Iced Earth
Amon Amarth
While I disagree with a lot of this, I had to particularly address these.
-Gamma Ray are not that popular to belong where you put them, you just generally have a hard-on for them. If you're going to elevate another power metal band out of the "Fruity Fairy Power Metal" category, it should be Blind Guardian, not Gamma Ray.

-Yngwie is NOT "Gay Ass Hair Metal". Clearly Yngwie had some commercialized 80s music, but I've said it before and say it again. Just because you had a few hits with poppy choruses from 1983-1989, does not mean you are a hair metal band. Have you heard any of Yngwie's post-80s albums? Facing the Animal is fucking fantastic, and absolutely not hair metal in any way.

-Iced Earth is not power metal. They are basically just traditional metal/half-thrash with a lot of ballads. You can call them gay all the live-long day if you wish, but calling them power metal is off-base. The other two bands I selected that you put into this category are just massive WTFs.
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