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Originally Posted by Div View Post
personally id rank megadeth above metallica any day.
As would most "True Metal Tards" (myself included) but this is a dispute I want no business having now.

Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
HIM are missing from XII

Listen guys, I am well aware that there are plenty of bands missing, Metal Church, Diamond Head, and Testament being three of them. But the thing is, I didn't want to make this list so long that it becomes a chore to read it, so some concessions need to be made here and there.

That being said, I am thinking about adding a couple of tiers, one being "Thrash bands that Ultraboris thought were shit," and maybe dividing the extreme tier into two or three seperate tiers.

I actually want to post this list on other forums I visit and ruffle a few feathers, but considering I've only put 2-3 hours work into it, I don't think this is quite ready yet. So consider this thread a sandbox.

I have a feeling that nobody understands my "Super Black Metal" joke. Allow me to illuminate:

The difference? Bathory = Super Black Metal, everybody else = merely "black metal."

Edit: I've also give entries to "Vegetarian Progressive Grindcore" and "Lounge."

Also, Ravenheart, sorry but anybody who writes a song called "Jumpdafucup" is automatically mallcore fodder. Shit I should put Soulfly in the nu-metal section (i.e.Date Rape) for that alone!
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