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This is farily accurate. I've been saying for a long time that the continued popularity of the likes of Maiden and AC/DC is because they occupy some kind of upper echelon of rock where it's cool to like them even though they're old.

However, I have a few MAJOR disagreements, from a general perspective, not necessarily my own rankings of bands:

Nevermore fairy power metal? Have you even listened to them?

The same applies to Symphony X, Kamelot, and Opeth is the metalcore group.

Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin and possibly Scorpions are missing from II.
Skid Row are missing from either II or IV.
Clutch are missing from VII.
HIM are missing from XII

Rainbow belong in II rather than IV.

You've almost entirely forgotten a few bands without whom metal would be very different:

Stuck Mojo
Diamond Head

Where the hell are Accept, Alice In Chains, Dream Theater, Testament and King's X?

And finally, in a moment of genuine personal opinion, Soulfly, Slipknot, Lamb of God and Machine Head deserve a lot more respect that the TMP afford them.

28/8 Chantel McGregor
10/9 Ricky Warwick
11/9 W.A.S.P.
18/9 Theater Equation

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