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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
A few things: yeah, this is definitely biased against modern metal, which I don't think is necessarily fair, but given the purposes of this system, I can understand it. Also, if Tier VII exists, I think it could have dozens if not, indeed, hundreds of bands that Decibel Magazine and the internet would place there. And some of your "fruity fairy power metal" bands aren't really even power metal, so I dunno about that. Otherwise, this took some serious thought and boredom, so I'll give kudos where kudos are due.
As unfair as it seems, I did say this list was "somewhat comprehensive" as in "I want this to be big and long, but not big and long to the point that nobody would want to read it." Which is exactly what would happen if I tried to include everybody.

One thing I should mention is this tier list occurred to me on the fly while I was working in my dad's yard today. I didn't want to give it too much time or extensive thought beyond a couple of hours, because by then it would take too much time which I don't have to post it.
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