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Originally Posted by EvilCheese View Post
That's not rapping. It's a cadence from an actual drill sergeant.

I like how weasly your comments are too. You define something as "rap metal-esque" and suffix "garbage" on to it. If you feel everything rap metal-esque is garbage, than your biases make you no worse than a fanboy because you're judging a label (the fanboys are judging the brand) and not the actual content. What makes it what you call it?

> "Sliver" has a traditional song structure. Verses/choruses/bridges/solo, etc.
> It has your typical hard rock style drumming, with an active bass line.
> It has singing.
> It has electric guitar (hmm, so far it smells like it has a lot of the components of regular ol' rock)
> If you still want to disagree about what I said about the drill sergant, I can assure you it's not rap on the simple ground that... There's not enough there for rap. Don't you usually have at least three consecutive lines of words in rap? Because the sergeant never has more than two ("Welcome to the show"/"Gonna tell you what's up".) - And in military training they refer to battle as "the show" - and this dude is a drill instructor.

So the presence of an actual drill instructor on a song about bootcamp singing two lines is enough for you to pigeon hole the song in an entire sub-genre of two other genres?

And if that message about soldiers is what you took away from the album then I don't think were actually paying that much attention to it.

I don't understand your point about fanboys. It's seems obvious that as simply a matter of scale, there are bands with far larger groups of fanboys. Iron Maiden is the obvious example that comes to mind...

I'm not defending bad songs under the cover of artistic integrity, but you came in here not willing to back up your opinions until you were called on it, and in the interim I merely suggested (and said it might not be the case) that perhaps you were one of the admittedly many people out there that do write off present day QR based on their shift in artistic direction.
I admit calling it actual rapping was a bit of a bad call, but it definitely has a really distasteful vibe to it that I can not stand. I could bother to respond to a lot of the rest of this but I'm really not in the mood. Bottom line, I hated this album, and it has nothing to do with predisposition. If Queensryche ever put out another album I like, I'll be the first person to say it. However, until then, we clearly must agree to disagree because we're clearly at opposite ends of the spectrum here. We're both entitled to our own opinions, so that's that.
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