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Originally Posted by EvilCheese View Post
No, but I'm not the only one that thinks American Soldier is a strong cut. I've been following a lot of opinions since the album leaked, and a lot of the folks that have written off the 'Ryche, and did not enjoy O:M II have been surprised, pleasantly, by American Soldier.

I don't understand how Queensryche is an embarrassment. I don't want to read into your perspective, but I assume you would prefer Rage For Order or Mindcrime over Promised Land or Tribe any day.

The band's stylistic shifts do not mean it is an embarrassment to itself. If it's embarrassing to write thoughtful compelling music and not be constrained by genre, then yeah, they're an embarrassment, and some day, I hope I'm an embarrassment to myself as well.

Otherwise, what's an embarrassment? The performances are strong. Wilton is shredding, and this is Eddie's hands-down best overall bass performance on an album. And it's well mixed. The weakest point is Geoff, and while there are some seriously rough spots, overall, and on tracks I highlighted like "Unafraid" or "At 30,000 Ft." or even "Middle of Hell" he does the job, and he does it fine.

That's about all I have to say, but I, I'll go on. If Wilton is "shredding" on this album, that word has clearly been redefined. My first thought when I listened to this is that Geoff Tate just can't sing anymore, he just sounds bad. I respect the fact that he's not trying to sound like he used to, but I just think he sounds weak and whiny most of the time now. This album actually has rapping on it. I had to hold back my vomit at the awful rap/metal-esque garbage on the opening track.
Queensryche attracts the most fanboys of any band I've ever seen. There are many other bands who can evolve and keep a fanbase. Queensryche basically just has a split between those who like the stuff through Promised Land, and those that defend everything they do from a point of 'artist integrity". Not every bad move a band makes was a stroke of artistic individualism, sometimes they just make bad decisions. Not every Queensryche album since Promised Land is void of merit, but this album is no different than most of them to me. I think the band is trying to hide behind a concept that is weak at best. "OMG WAR IS BAD AND IT SUCKS TO BE A SOLDIER!". Yeah, it does, you don't need to write an album about it. Basically this just comes off as crappy, and totally unmemorable. I listened to the whole album once. I can't remember anything I liked about it, hence why I'm saying it sucks, end of story.
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