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Randy Rhoads Memorial Tribute -- Hollywood, CA -- March 19th, 2009

This was at the Whisky A Go-Go. In memory of the great Randy Rhoads who died 27 years ago on the same day. RIP \m/
What an f-in kickass show it was too!!

Five bands played, starting at around 8 30. First one was called Mr. Crowley, they did Ozzy covers of course, the lead singer and guitarist did quite a good job at imitating Ozzy and Randy respectively . Good show from them. This was followed by 2 younger bands, one was from North Mississippi called Unfinished. I didn't understand why they were at this show, because their sound was no where near similar to the Ozzy sound. They played an Avenged Sevenfold cover and a few songs of their own, which sounded similar to the cover. The band after them were from Indiana. A 2-piece band! I didn't dig them at all. Too soft for me. The only highlight from their show was that the singer/guitarist broke his guitar at the end of it and gave it to a kid who was rocking out big time in the front row.
The show really got going after they finished though. 'Flyin High Again' performed a few Ozzy covers. They also called on Kelle Rhoads and Kelly Garni from Quiet Riot to perform a couple of Quiet Riot songs. This event seemed to mean a lot to the Kelle Rhoads family, as all of them were there, and Kelle also said this was the place Quiet Riot did some of their earliest shows in the 70s. The final act of the night were called Rhoads To Ozz. Oh my f-in god what an amazing show they put on! This was their set, or at least most of it :

Flyin High Again
Mother Earth
You Can't Kill Rock And Roll
Mr. Crowley
I Don't Know
Crazy Train
Children Of The Grave

Me and my friend, as well as most people there were going totally nuts on this set. Each and every one of these songs is such a classic! The closing Sabbath song was a bonus, as I didn't expect any Sabbath songs. Crazy Train was definitely a highlight and I will remember it for a long time to come! The band did really well, specially the guitarist Randy Chambers. I salute him for his performance. And also Marcelo Fittipaldi on vocals. Great voice and good imitations of Ozzy.
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