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Alestorm -- St. Paul, MN -- March 19th, 2009

So Alestorm rolled around last night and it was a blast. Lots of singing from the crowd, even if they crowd was still fairly lame...anyways setlist:

1) Over The Sea
2) Leviathan
3) Nacy The Tavern Wench
4) Huntmaster
5) Wenches And Mead
6) Set Sail and Conquer
7) New Song off Up coming Album
8) Captain Morgans Revenge
9) Wolves Of The Sea

I'm pretty sure they only played Wolves because people were chanting it most of the evening so it was awsome none-the-less

after Alestorms set the singer was telling people offstage that they will be back in the USA sometime in November

for Suidakra i only got the names of the last two songs. These guys were awsome, just didnt know any of their material.

the second to last song was Shattering Swords
and the final one was The IXth Legion
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