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Long time reader / first time poster. I dig your comments on all things metal.

I just wanted to say that I was at this show as well, and you're right - it was awesome. I have been going to metal shows for over twenty years, and this show reminded me of one of the shows I would have seen back in the days when the crowd would just lose their freaking minds and totally have a blast (crowd surfers abounded from song one!). I haven't seen a crowd in Cleveland (or any other city for that matter - I love heavy metal road trips as well ), give as much love to the band as what I saw on Saturday night. I also thought that Carcass returned the love as well - Jeff was chatty and funny, cracking jokes and and interacting with the fans really well. And DAMN were those fools loud! My ears are still ringing a little bit, and it's almost three days later!

As far as the opening acts, I thought they were a mixed bag. I didn't see Abigail Williams, but having heard samples of their work online I don't think they would have really been my cup of tea anyway. I think I liked Psycroptic a little more than you did, although I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a fanboy. They definitely brought the energy, and their stuff was pretty riffalicious - unlike, for example, Suicide Silence. My brother liked them; I didn't. Breakdowns are fine, but if that's all you bring to the party then this particular headbanger is going to get bored pretty quickly. They get an A+ for energy, a B for raw talent, and a D- for curb appeal (no riffs at all, practically). Samael was interesting. They definitely brought the heat in terms of heaviness, but I had mixed feelings about the tracked drums and the keyboards (it's not uncommon for me to feel that way). I normally don't get into the blackened stuff as much as some folks, but these guys kept it interesting, IMHO. FInally, I was really disappointed that Arsis did not show. They were the second reason I was there after Carcass, and I would have loved to see Arsis live (I've missed them on previous tours, but I love their stuff).

Luckily, Carcass brought the heat enough to make up for all of the above uncertainty. Even though the ticket price was jacked up another two bucks from what the web site said (which was in turn three bucks higher the day of the show, as usual), I am still quite satisfied with seeing Carcass put on such a great show for thirty bucks. These "old farts" still have plenty of gas left in the tank - go see this tour if you can!!!

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