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Thumbs up Bad Religion -- Tucson, AZ -- March 16th, 2009

Last night I finally got to cross another one of my favorite bands off my concert list! I've been waiting forever to see Bad Religion, but they rarely come to Arizona, and usually then it's only for Warped Tour, which I avoid like the plague (something about an all-day outdoor festival in Phoenix in the middle of summer just doesn't appeal to me). But this time they decided to kick off their new tour right here in my town, and it felt like for once all the stars aligned.

I got to the venue at about 3:00, and I was the first one in line. 4 hours is a long time to wait in line, but I had the day off from work and an internet-capable phone, so I didn't mind. I picked a spot right on the rail, but off to the side to avoid crowd surfers. The first band were locals, Bricktop, and when I saw someone sporting their t-shirt that said "THUG ROCK" on it, I knew I was in for it. They were dreadfully bad tough-guy hardcore band whose songs were all about fighting, "crews," and the streets. It was all unintentionally hilarious, but it was also brief, thank god.

Luckily, that was the only opening band, so Bad Religion took the stage in no time at all. Greg Graffin said it was the first time in six months that they'd played a note of music, but you couldn't tell. The band looked like they were having a blast, and they sounded great. The crowd was one of the best I'd seen here, and although I was up against the rail, I wasn't crushed or pushed at all, and I only saw a couple of crowdsurfers. The setlist was interesting, in that there was little from their newest album, and a lot from The Process of Belief. They played some of the old staples, of course, and left a few out, but overall it was a good set. This is the setlist: (EDIT: Now in order)

21st Century (Digital Boy)
Prove It
Can't Stop It
Los Angeles Is Burning
Sinister Rouge
Modern Man
Let Them Eat War
Them And Us
Social Suicide
Big Bang
Requiem for Dissent
Come Join Us
Before You Die
Atomic Garden
News From The Front
The Defense
No Control
Recipe For Hate
New Dark Ages

Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell
Punk Rock Song

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