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Unleashed -- Stockholm, Sweden -- March 13th, 2009

Finally, The Hammer Battallion Scandinavian leg
hitted Stockholm. The true home of vikings and also
the hometown of Unleashed.

Opening bands where:
Decadence &
Devian (w Legion ex-Marduk on vox)

Then it was time for Belphegor & Unleashed
to trig the 400 deathmetal bastards up.

Intro // Bleeding Salvation
Seyn Todt In Schwartz
Belphegor- Hellīs ammbassador
Stigma Diabolicum
Justine Soaked In Blood
Lucifer Incestus // Outro
Bondage Goat Zombie
The Goatchrist

The Greatest of All Lies
Never Ending Hate
Your Children Will Burn
This Is Our World Now
Donīt Want To Be Born
In Victory Or Defeat
Into Glory Ride
Hammer Battalion
To Asgaard We Fly
Death Metal Victory
The Immortals
The Final Silence
Before The Creation of Time
Evil Dead (Death-cover)

The crowd was amazing during the Unleashed gig and hopefully you will see some of it on their upcoming 20th anniversary dvd. As usual pics are on my facebook and will turn up on mymyspace in time...
13/4 Grave + Demonical
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