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The Hangmen -- Los Angeles, CA -- March 14, 2009


01. Last Drive
02. The Devil
03. Loners Junkies & Liquor Stores
04. Rotten Sunday
05. Train
06. Drink, Smoke, Meth, Crack And Dope ( D.S.M.C.D on printed setlist)
07. I Luv You
08. Rooster (might have longer title, again as on the stage list)
09. Downtown
10. Bent
11. Coal Mine
12. Walking In The Woods
13. Blood Red

Not really metal but I wouldn't be surprised if the Rotten Sunday video got shown once or twice in the last hour of Headbanger's Ball 20 years ago and I know a few metal fans who dig them.

Anyway, they totally killed it last night, definitely in the top 2 of 2009 so far (out of 24). Good enough to be worth a T Shirt (which I never buy anymore). Downtown was dedicated to former Hangmen in the house.

Sadly only a tad over 45 mins but it was pretty intense for the time they were on stage.

Stab City (good) and Tijuana Panthers (not into it) opened.

The Redwood is probably my favorite venue right now too.
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