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Amon Amarth -- London, England -- March 9th, 2009

Amon Amarth
Venue: The Forum, Kentish Town, London, UK
Supports: Obituary / Legion Of The Damned / Keep Of Kalessin

Amon Amarth set list:

Twilight Of The Thundergod
Free Will Sacrifice
With Oden On Our Side
Varyags Of Miklagaard
Fate of Norns
Under the Northern Star
Guardians Of Asgaard
Ride For Vengeance
North Sea Storm
Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags
Death In Fire
Victorious March
Cry Of The Black Birds
Pursuit Of Vikings

Obituary set list included:
Dethroned Emperor
Threatening Skies
Final Thoughts
Slowly We Rot

Legion Of The Damned set list:
Sermon Of Sacrilege (Intro)
Pray & Suffer
Werewolf Corpse
House Of Possession
Son Of The Jackal
Cult Of The Dead
Legion Of The Damned
Black Wings Of Yog-Sothoth
Bleed For Me
Malevolent Rapture
The Final Godsend

Keep Of Kalessin set list:
Origin (Intro)
A New Empire’s Birth
Crown Of The Kings
Winged Watcher

Photos & review:

Would appreciate any help with Obituary setlist. I'm not a big enough fan to recognise the songs.

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