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Originally Posted by andrew_metalhead View Post
All in all, not a great new album, but I give them credit for putting on a truly unique stage show and I enjoyed most of it. We were in the colonade 29 section by the way. One more thing, I thought The Forum was too big a venue for this show. It was far from a sell-out. We got tickets 15 minutes before the show started.The colonades were only about 20% filled. Floor and lower seats were packed though.
I was in 28! My ticket was in 30 but I moved over right before they went on when I realized the PA would be blocking the drum set.

I think the Forum is the right venue, the only other ones comparable for the size of the crowd would have been Nokia or Universal and this show doesn't belong in an all seated venue. There probably would have been more people if not for the show in Ontario.

Also if it was in a bigger venue I probably wouldn't have found a $10 ticket outside.
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