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ok so how about a neutral's review eh?

So I was at this show. I used to listen to their Volume 3 album when it released in 04, but I'm not into them right now.
I highly admire Joey as a drummer, and I rate him only behind Dave Lombardo and Scott Travis as the best drummers ever. So I went with my friend to the signing session in Guitar Center. We were really amazed to meet this insane drummer!! There were probably 500+ people in the queue, but we were helped massively by the fact that I found another friend very near to the front and we joined him.
So out of this excitement of meeting Joey, my friend kinda made a last minute decision to go to the show and insisted I should give him company, as he really wanted to see this show. And he said he would return the same favour later. He even paid for my ticket.

Ok enough of that. On to the show!
Trivium were decent. I have read a lot of bullshit about Trivium on the internet forums. They were not as bad as that. 'Like Light To The Flies' was the only song I knew, and I enjoyed that one.
Coheed And Cambria were probably the worst band I have ever seen in the 35 shows I have totally seen in my life.Enough said.
Slipknot impressed me. I enjoyed 'Duality', 'People=Shit' and 'Before I Forget' as those were the only songs I used to like and was able to recognize. My friend seemed to know all the new songs as well and he was rocking out big time. I saved all my energy for Duality and after that song I was exhausted
I was listening to the new songs for the first time and I felt they were not as heavy as they should be. The vocals on those were disappointing. Guitars were almost inaudible. Only good part was the drumming! But all the other songs were totally kickass! I am a big fan of Corey's vocals on Duality. He goes from whispering to growling in the same song!
The lights were the best I have EVER witnessed .. only Pink Floyd could have matched a light show like this one
Corey was trying his best to entertain the crowd and I can safely say all the fans gave him a great response, although in my opinion he talked too much. They could have played one more song in that time instead!
The guy doing the pull-ups and stuff was funny to watch, the members going into the crowd at times was totally unique, Joey's stunt at the end was jaw-droppingly awesome.
All in all, not a great new album, but I give them credit for putting on a truly unique stage show and I enjoyed most of it. We were in the colonade 29 section by the way. One more thing, I thought The Forum was too big a venue for this show. It was far from a sell-out. We got tickets 15 minutes before the show started.The colonades were only about 20% filled. Floor and lower seats were packed though.
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