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Originally Posted by Elvenking View Post
There is something to Destruction live, everytime I have seen them, its just, I don't think there is a better live band. if you even just kind of enjoy them, go see them, for three guys they just kick so much ass. i can't wait til the Chicago Date.
Exactly. They put on such a good show, and this was the best crowd I've ever seen as far as intensity goes. Soul Collector started things off good but then when they kicked into Bestial Invasion as the second song of the night the entire place exploded and pretty much kept at that level until Total Desaster was over.

I already can't wait to get another chance to see them. They were just so awesome! I wouldn't call them the best live band I've seen, but they're definitely up there.

But, honestly, anyone who likes Thrash even a little and misses this tour is a fool.
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