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Originally Posted by SDMFNATE View Post
did they open with Black Mass Reverends?
Yes, bad opener IMO.

Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
This is alot better BLS setlist than what they have done for awhile, "Rose Petalled Garden" that is a definite surprise. I was really wanting to see this but I find it hard to justify paying $40+ for this show. I've got several others to go to that won't touch that price. Also wondering if Sevendust was at this show or not? Personally I am a fan of Dope, although I definitley understand wow most would hate them I just think its music to just have fun to and shouldn't be taken so seriously but that's just an opinion...
Sevendust is no longer on the tour, apparently along with another band that was supposed to be playing. I already don't like their music, but dropping out of two tours I've attended really make them look like a bunch of bitches.

Dope's music wasn't so bad, but the semi-retarded banter from the singer made them less enjoyable.
He said something along the lines of, "we have to make music that attracts women to the show so we get pussy." Then he went off about how he's never met a woman he wanted to kill, but not till after they fuck. Two songs later, the chorus was "she's like alcohol, heroine... she's my addiction."
Your job onstage is to entertain, but it doesn't give you a free pass to be ignorant.
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