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Slipknot -- Inglewood, CA -- March 7th, 2009

Just got back from the concert it was FUCKING AWESOME.

Trivium went first and they kicked serious ass. They said it was the best show they'd ever played in the states. They just fucking owned and i will definetely try to catch them at mayhem festival.

Coheed and Cambria went next. Ill leave it at this: They were in the wrong venue, and weren't my kind of music.

Slipknot of course just tore shit up. Un-fucking-believable. By far the most theatrical, creative, and entertaining act I have ever seen. I went crazy during most of the set and just had a great fucking time.

Their setlist (But don't comment saying "OH YOU GOT IT WRONG" cuz im probably missing some songs. Feel Free to correct me):
Intro: 7426blahblahblah
1. (Sic)
2. Eyeless
3. Wait and Bleed
4. Get This
5. Before I Forget
6. Dead Memories
7. Frail Limb Nursery
8. The Blister Exists
9. Disasterpiece
10. Left Behind
11. Pyschosocial
12. Everything Ends
13. Duality
14. People=Shit
15. Surfacing
16. Spit it Out

During Spit it Out, it was amazing how everybody in the bigass Forum squatted down and jumpdafuckup'ed on command.

Truly an enjoyable concert.
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