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Black Label Society -- San Francisco, CA -- March 6th, 2009

Both of the opening bands were a joke. A Santa Cruz 3 piece I've never heard of, Archer, played a boring ass half hour set. The most entertaining part was seeing the drummer fail at the Scott Travis move with the stick no more than 3 feet in the air.
Dope played for about 45 minutes, enough time for me to realize that Dope is for dopes. They used the opening song from The Sopranos as their intro, and it all went downhill from there. They fall somewhere between the sound of Disturbed and Static-X, two bands that we get plenty of already. Their set was highlighted by "Rebel Yell" and a lame rendition of MC Ren's verse of "Fuck tha Police". The rest of their set consisted of songs titled like, I kid you not, "Die Motherfucker Die".

Black Label Society set- slightly out of order but complete
Intro (Patsy Cline - "Crazy")
Black Mass Reverends
Destruction Overdrive
The Rose Petalled Garden
Faith Is Blind
Suicide Messiah
Give Yourself To Me
Genocide Junkies
Been A Long Time
Damage Is Done
In This River
New Religion
Fire It Up
Guitar solo/Star Spangled Banner
Stoned And Drunk
The Blessed Hellride
Concrete Jungle

The beginning of the set was really exciting because of "The Rose Petalled Garden", which hasn't been played for some time, and "Faith Is Blind", which along with "Give Yourself To Me" haven't been played yet as far as I know.
self To Me" were played live. Black Label beach balls went out midset, and one of the roadies was even shooting t-shirts out of a CO2 cannon.
Everything else was business as usual, a couple of weedley solos between songs including one on the piano during the 2 slow song break, "In This River" for Dime, and bits of the Randy Rhoads live solo.

Even a month later, after Meshuggah and Cynic back to back, everything else sucks.
9/25 AC/DC hoodrat experience
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