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Destruction -- Worcester, MA -- March 6th, 2009

1. Soul Collector
2. Bestial Invasion
3. Devolution
4. Eternal Ban
5. Life Without Sense
6. Medley: Black Mass/Antichrist/Release From Agony
7. Urge (The Greed Of Gain)
8. Metal Discharge
9. Death Trap
10. Thrash 'Til Death
11. Drum Solo
12. Tormentor
13. Invincible Force
14. The Butcher Strikes Back
15. Curse The Gods
16. Nailed To The Cross
17. Mad Butcher
18. Total Desaster

So we didn't get the other medley of The Damned, Cracked Brain, and Reject Emotions, but we DID get every song listed above, including Mad Butcher which wasn't on the first setlist posted. Also, not posted on the last setlist, but ours also said (7 Deadly Sins) on it, I think they had it as the song between Thrash 'Til Death and the Drum Solo & Tormentor, so I'm assuming that means Vicious Circle - The 7 Deadly Sins off of the new album. Pretty sure it wasn't played though.

Honestly, this was the most intense, fucking insane crowd I've ever seen. It was awesome. Proper review later.

EDIT: Order shifted a little. I was basing it off the setlist at Poughkeepsie, but then realized that there were a few songs that were definitely in the wrong place here. Fixed it now.

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