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Pagan Knights -- Houston, Texas -- March 4th, 2009

Had a ton of fun at this show. Actually drove Arkadius (vocals/guitar) and Lars (drums) from Suidakra to get some smokes for them and played football (soccer) with Alestorm waiting for the venue to open up. Met everyone after the show and had a wonderful time since Paganfest will more than likely not be coming here to Houston. Got all my stuff signed, talked to the guys till 2:30 am before going home. Alestorm has a new cd coming out in April and Tyr finished recording a new album but have to do the photo shoots after the tour and such.

If anyone is wondering about merch:

3 Suidakra shirts
2 Alestorm shirts
4 or 5 Tyr shirts
and a main tour shirt
(all shirts were $20 except the main tour shirt was $15)
"Captain Morgan's Revenge" & "Leviathan" from Alestorm
"Command To Charge", "Caledonia", & "Crogacht"(which was just released here in the US on Tuesday) from Suidakra
"How Far to Asgaard", "Eric the Red", "Ragnarok", & "Land"(single and deluxe) from Tyr
(all cds were $15 except Leviathan was $10)
Suidakra also sold a patch ($5) and a long wristband ($8 I believe)

Anyways, on to the setlists. Though I have to say I did this all on memory so the order is wrong more than likely but are as close as I can remember.

Isle of Skye
A Vision's Demise (I think)
Shattering Swords
Dead Man's Reel
(missing a couple of songs)

Alestorm (mostly in order)
Over the Seas
Nancy the Tavern Wench
The Huntmaster
Pirate Song (new song)
Set Sail & Conquer
Keelhauled (new song) (thanks Spiral Slave)
Wenches and Mead
Captain Morgan's Revenge

Hold The Heathen Hammer High (New song)
Sinklars Visa
Regin Smidur
Hail to the Hammer
Guta Rima
The Wild Rover
The Edge
Wings of Time
Lokka Tattur
Ramund Hin Unge
(Not in exact order but this should be it) (thanks BlashyrkhMR101 as well)

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