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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
One one hand, I agree. However, I don't mind them not making power metal if what they're making is good. Most of Rocket Ride is bad because it's just far too lighthearted and jokey. The songs can't decide whether they are serious or funny. They seemed to correct this a bit with the last album. Tobias Sammet really seems to have found a niche with the melodic metal style of the last Avantasia album and Tinnitus Sanctus.

This being said, Edguy badly need to play something off of Hellfire Club besides the two obligatory tracks which are in fact quite average.
I liked the comedy on Rocket Ride a lot. It compensated for the missing power metal I love so much.

The last album often sounds like it came straight out of the 80s. That sound itself is not necessarily bad but it's also not the reason I began to listening to Edguy. Tinnitus Sanctus is welcome on my Edguy shuffle but it is clearly my least favorite Edguy album of all time.
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