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Modest Mouse -- Kansas City, MO -- March 2nd, 2009

Taken from my

Japanese motors - 5/10
Sounded like a more rock oriented version of Vampire Weekend to me. At times I could even detect a smidge (A SMIDGE!) or The Ramones sound in them? Maybe it's just me. Not too great, not too bad.

Mimicking Birds - 3/10
This band is "chill" and "spacey" but it really just made me want to fall asleep until the last song they played, which to my surprise didn't sound like all the others.

Modest Mouse - 8/10

They sounded great. I'm not a huge fan of them, but the sound came through pretty well and they played with a lot of intensity. Not really a bad song in the bunch. They ever were pretty heavy at times.


Bury Me With It
Never Ending Math Equation
The View
Wild Packs Of Family Dogs
Guilty Cocker Spaniel
Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
Custom Concern
Float On
Interstate 8
All Night Diner
Parting Of The Sensory


3rd Planet
Satellite Skin
Baby Blue Sedan
Satin In A Coffin
Black Cadillacs

If you have any help filling in the blanks, let me know!

Because of some members of the crowd and (mostly) the security staff at The Uptown, I had one of the most un-enjoyable concert experiences ever. I won't go too much into it.

Overall: It was an okay concert. Modest Mouse was great, but the openers left me wanting a little bit more.
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