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Alcatrazz -- Yonkers, NY -- February 27th, 2009

Let me preface this by saying that Graham Bonnet is one of my favorite singers. From his days in Rainbow to his one-off with Michael Schenker to his double header with Impellitteri and beyond, I have always loved hearing this man belt out a tune. Last night he played The Haunt in Yonkers, NY with his revamped Alcatrazz. The band was tight, focused and proved themselves to be top-notch professional musicians. The fact that they didn't hit the stage until 1AM after a long day of travel from across the country and no sleep made their performance even more impressive. I love Graham to death but he struggled last night. Some songs he'd just nail (show opener Eyes Of The World was a highlight). On all of the songs, he gave it HIS all but he seemed tired and uncomfortable at times, and the high notes weren't always within his reach. A few factors come into play: the long trip, the fact that he's a recovering alcoholic (as he announced on stage last night) and the plain simple truth that he's been belting it out for nearly 40 years now.

The Set List (in no particular order):

Eyes Of The World (Rainbow)
Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live (Alcatrazz)
Bigfoot (Alcatrazz)
Jet To Jet (Alcatrazz)
Kree Nakoorie (Alcatrazz)
Hiroshima Mon Amour (Alcatrazz)
Stand In Line (Impellitteri)
Desert Song (The Michael Schenker Group)
Will You Be Home Tonight (Alcatrazz)
God Blessed Video (Alcatrazz)
Drum Solo
Island In The Sun (Alcatrazz)
All Night Long (Rainbow)

And the encore:

Since You Been Gone (Rainbow)
Lost In Hollywood (Rainbow)

A nice setlist indeed. I was ecstatic that he played Stand In Line, one of my all time favorite Graham-fronted tunes. Mr. Bonnet was great to watch and being right up against the stage and leaning on his amp all night has made me deaf and cloudy today, but it was worth it. Even with the vocal problems, Graham gave 110% as did the rest of the band and emotionally he was feeling nearly every song. I've been waiting for quite a while now for him to FINALLY play New York and he did, and I am grateful. After the performance, Graham came out to talk with the fans and sign autographs. A very humble, pleasant English gentleman he was indeed. I joked and spoke with him a bit and he just laughed and shook his head when I told him that I even have the Forcefield albums he did with Cozy Powell in the late '80s on my ipod. Graham Bonnet, still one of my favorite singers of all time!
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