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Cradle of Filth -- New York, NY -- February 27th, 2009

1.Repined Bastard Nation
2.The Wolfpack
3.Now, Diabolical
4.Black Crow on a Tombstone
6.Die By My Hand
7.The Pentagram Burns
8.Mother North

Cradle Of Filth
1.Shat Out Of Hell
2.Gilded Cunt
3.Dusk And Her Embrace
4.13th Caesar
6.The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
7.Honey And Sulphur
8.Under Huntress Moon

9.Cthulhu Dawn
10.Cruelty Brought thee Orchids
11.Her Ghost In The Fog

Same set as the previous dates, only that I think Cradle didn't play From The Cradle To Enslave due to time issues (I can't say 100% because I left right after Her Ghost In The Fog). Cradle still performed well, and their news songs sounded great as well as their old. I must say I felt that Satyricon overplayed Cradle very much, they had a dominance of their performance and execution better in my opinion. Satyr was excellent with the crowd and the power in their songs totally vented through the venue. Septic Flesh impressed me a lot, I had not heard one song of theirs until the night, and by the end of their set I was determined to look into them a lot more. Unfortunately due to that fact I did not know any song in their set, but I can say their was not bad one, and they played two off of their new record Communion.
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