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Satyricon -- Norfolk, Virginia -- February 25th, 2009

Reprined Bastard Nation
The Wolfpack
Diabolical, Now
Black Crow on a Tombstone
Die By My Hand
The Pentagram Burns
Fuel for Hatrid

disappointing they did not play Mother North. I tried to get Cradle of Filth's Set list but security forced everyone away from the rail immediately after the end of the show, but I can tell you they did not play the following from their other shows: Tragic Kingdom, and From the Cradle to the Enslaved. this is most likely due to the show beginning around 7:45. The advertised start time on the Ticket was 7:00
10/1 - Mushroomhead
11/28 - Psycroptic/Keep of Kalessin
11/30 - Behemoth

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