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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
I miss that one.

Mine looks like the blue one. and it has all my music on it.

As for listening tendencies. I actually have a full blown system for doing this. I make a playlist for each artist, which can include full albums, or just the songs from each album that I like. For instance, here's my Dio playlist:

Man On The Silver Mountain
Tarot Woman
Run With The Wolf
A Light In The Black
Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
Gates Of Babylon
Kill The King
Rainbow Eyes
Neon Knights
Children Of The Sea
Heaven & Hell
Die Young
Lonely Is The Word
Turn Up The Night
The Sign Of The Southern Cross
The Mob Rules
Falling Off The Edge Of The World
Stand Up And Shout
Holy Diver
Caught In The Middle
Don't Talk To Strangers
Straight Through The Heart
Rainbow In The Dark
Shame On The Night
We Rock
The Last In Line
I Speed At Night
One Night In The City
Evil Eyes
Egypt (The Chains Are On)
King Of Rock & Roll
Rock 'N' Roll Children
Sacred Heart (Live)
Night People
Dream Evil
Sunset Superman
All The Fools Sailed Away
Naked In The Rain
I Could Have Been A Dreamer
Computer God
After All
TV Crimes
Letters From Earth
Master Of Insanity
Sins Of The Father
Too Late
Buried Alive

As you can see, sometimes songs from multiple artists will go into the same playlist, particularly when the sound doesn't change that much in an artists career. I also do this with Helloween/Gamma Ray, Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, and Hellhammer/Celtic Frost. An exception to this rule would be Black Sabbath (the Ozzy years) and Ozzy's solo career, because to me those two bands are two separate entities, whereas with Dio...not so much.

What I used to do was listen to each playlist I had in alphabetical order. This process would, as you could imagine, take a very long time. Then I got tired of doing that, because after a while that sort of thing would require an exhausting amount of emotional investment. Now I just try and go through a new album I may have bought during the day, along with putting an artist playlist on shuffle for five songs.
and the singing dies down for just a second, right? Long enough for my dad to go "This is how they used to transport the Jews!"

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