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What's your iPod look like?

I've been in the habit since I got my first real iPod a few months ago of putting mostly choice songs instead of full albums on there, but I'm tryin to go old school and start filling it mostly with the whole start-to-finish record. I hate succumbing to this A.D.D. generation (lawl) mentally of listening to a song or even half a song then changing it incessantly, which modern technology gives you the choice of doing and even promotes. What are your guys listening habits when it comes to the iPod? Hit singles or full albums? Post what you're jammin these days too if you want, here's the records I've got on mine right now:

Absu- Absu
Amebix- Arise!
Angel Witch- Angel Witch
Atomic Bitchwax- Tab 4
Bathory- first 3 LP's
Bl'ast!- The Power of Expression
Black Sabbath- Tyr
Blue Cheer- Vincebus Eruptum
Blue Oyster Cult- Tyranny and Mutation
Bob Marley- African Herbsmen & Exodus
Buffalo- Only Want You For Your Body
Cable- Northern Failures
Captain Beyond- Sufficiently Breathless
Celtic Frost- To Mega Therion
Craft- Fuck The Universe
Dead Kennedys- Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables & Too Drunk To Fuck
Destroyer 666- Cold Steel For An Iron Age
Disfear- Misanthropic Generation & split with Doomriders
Dzjenghis Khan- Dzjenghis Khan
Eternal Elysium- Searching Low And High
Exhorder- Slaughter In The Vatican
German Oak- Nibelungenlied
Hawkwind- Space Ritual & Warrior On The Edge of Time
Husker Du- New Day Rising
Hypnosis- Apple 13
Jimi Hendrix- Electric Ladyland
Leaf Hound- Growers of Mushroom
Lucifer's Friend- Lucifer's Friend
Monster Magnet- Spine of God
Motorhead- Another Perfect Day
Napalm Death- Time Waits For No Slave
Neurosis- Pain Of Mind
The Obsessed- The Church Within
Parchman Farm- Parchman Farm
Pentagram- First Daze Here
Pink Fairies- Never Neverland & Kings of Oblivion
Propagandhi- Supporting Caste (thanks Nick)
Radio Moscow- Radio Moscow
Razor- Custom Killing
Revelation- Release
Roky Erickson- The Evil One
Sarcofago- INRI
Sleep- Live 1992.02.21 Berkeley, CA bootleg
Venom- Welcome To Hell
Wolfbrigade- Comalive
Wooden Shjips- Wooden Shjips
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