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cannibal...Not as big of a fan as he claims

Yup, they definately 100% played rational gaze. It was one of 6 songs I wanted to hear, and they played all 6.
I also know they played it because myself and two buddies of mine all at the same time screamed along with "I like Juice" and I definately talked to random guy there who was laughing and told me about how that video was the first time he heard meshuggah and he was glad they played it.
F-ed in the A!

If you're such a big fan and saw them for the first time in 2002 at ozzfest...
Why didn't you go to their Headlining show in 2003 with strapping young lad at the quest? cause i was there and that show was killer.
I got my poster signed by the members of the band.

Oh and 87 concerts isn't that many... I wouldn't pretend its anything to brag about. :/

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