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Originally Posted by andrew_metalhead View Post
Intro : Churchill Speech
1. Aces High
2. 2 Minutes To Midnight
3. Wrathchild
4. Children of the Damned
5. Phantom of the Opera
6. The Trooper
7. Wasted Years
8. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
9. Powerslave
10.Run To The Hills
11.Fear Of The Dark
12.Hallowed Be Thy Name
13.Iron Maiden
14.Number Of The Beast
15.The Evil That Men Do
And, of course, Doctor Doctor/Transylvania before Churchill's Speech, and Always Look at the Bright Side of Life as outro.

Too much overplayed classics... On the other hand, Rime, WY, COTD, Phantom, Aces, Powerslave...
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