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Taste of Chaos -- Los Angeles, CA -- February 14th, 2009

hey, this is merely a review.

i had very mixed feelings about this concert. i hated bring me the horizon, loved cancer bats, and was truly unsure about the rest of the bands. all in all this show was a bittersweet victory.

A local band called The Haven came on first immediately after doors opened. They sure did not know how to work the crowd, or maybe the crowd just wasn't in the mood to be worked... They said if we went crazy we'd get a free CD from them. Of course maybe 3 or 4 people went crazy and then at the end they gave them free. talk about failed promotion. overall i'd like to credit the bassist for good stage presence, and the guitarist for his rare yet suttle metal vocals.

The Haven recieves: 7/10
Not my cup of tea but I appreciate bands who really give it their all and overall they were some talented musicians. Also the guitarist was cool I met him afterwards working the bands merch table. The only thing I can describe the Haven as is Muse on acid.

The next band was THE CANCER BATS!! They fucking tore shit up. They rocked everybodies' asses off. Or maybe that was just me. They were filled with talented musicians who knew how to use their instruments to the full potential. Here's were the bitter part of bittersweet comes into play. I start moshing like crazy and I realize I'm one of the few who is moshing. I look at the pit and I see a bunch of sad hxc emo dancers. I felt ashamed to be at the concert, and maybe I should have been. But overall fuck it I had a great time.

The Cancer Bats recieve: 9.5/10
One of the tightest live bands I've seen. I went apeshit during Hail Destroyer, and was having the time of my li---evening..

I was ready for anything after the Cancer Bats. And what do I get? You guessed it, I get the faggots that call themselves Pierce the Veil. After ten seconds I was out of that pit. Not much more to say other than their singer sounded like a pre-pubescent toddler screaming about the troubles of life... ugh

My dissapointment continued as Bring me the Horizon came on. Unfortunately they had a huge fan base. I'm proud that I was nowhere near that pit.

Then came on a band called Four Year Strong. At first glance I hated them. I wanted nothing to do with their music. I was wrong and I'm sorry I ever thought that. They were crazy. 10 people crowdsurfing at a time, all were enjoying the night. They easily stole the show from the band that was about to come on, Thursday. Four Year Strong really made me a fan.

Four Year Strong recieves: 9/10
They really know how to work the crowd and transform people into fans.

Last but certainly not least Thursday. They honestly were nothing to write home about and were not at the right place in the billing. Don't get me wrong I like Thursday, a lot, in fact, but they weren't right as headliners. Something was wrong with that. Anyways they still put on a crazyass show and rocked the house. I crowdsurfed once and it was really fun. My friend did it twice.

Thursday recieves: 9/10
I really think this band has huge potential. I think their vocals were more focused on alternative than they needed to be. They really worked the crowd though, at one point they threw huge balloons into the crowd and nobody really cared what they were playing, as long as they had their balloons. What's better than seeing your favorite band play? Seeing your favorite band play with balloons!

Overall I'm really happy I went. The highlight of my night was "Hail Destroyer" by Cancer Bats. They really were amazing. I must say that this festival is indeed dying. The tour once included bands like A7X, Bullet For My Valentine, and Atreyu, and are now replaced by [for the most part] no namer bands who will not be remembered the day after.

Thanks for reading, and I really recommend you check this tour out, as this was the launching date of the tour.

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