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Opeth -- Stockholm, Sweden -- February 12th, 2009

Heir Apparent
Ghost of Perdition
Leper Affinity
Hesian Peel
Lotus Eater

(all misspellings directly from paper setlist)

This was part of one of the baltic sea cruises
that are nowadays famous worldwide.

Other bands participating was:
Hardcore Superstar, Misery Index,
Torture Division and Greveyard,
but I did not see any of them, doubt that
I overslept Torture Division whom played
the morning after according to emptying
Opeths booze aftershow...

The magazine Close-Up did host the boat
and around 2500 metalmanicas where onboard.

The mag advertised this as " a
very special Opeth concert".

People decoded that message int heir own way
and the pre-talk was whispering requests for
songs such as Forest og October, Advent,
Face of Melinda & The Burden.

It was a very special gig and a few songs where played
for the first time in years and Hesian Peel for the first time

But for the most special Opeth event ever,
keep your eyes open for next years very special
20th anniversary show to be revealed sooner or

Pics from the gig will be seen on my myspace and or facebookj
as usual.

Now rest my ears until Nashville Pussy/Supersucker on sunday
13/4 Grave + Demonical
17/4 The Only Ones
28/4 Blaze Bayley + Enemynside
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