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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
In my opinion this is weaker than the old set list, but I am angry that they apparently changed it, since I have never seen them play Phantom of the Opera and Children of the Damned. Could care less about Wrathchild and already saw Evil That Men Do though. Bummer that they're not doing Moonchild, The Clairvoyant, Revelations, and Heaven Can Wait though.
I agree the other setlist was better. The only songs off this setlist I have never seen live are Children of the Damned and Phantom of the Opera. Moonchild should have stayed. Sanctuary has been play too many tours. They need to play Infinite Dreams, Flight of Icarus, Stranger in a Strange Land or Alexander the Great. Fear of the Dark shouldn't even be in the setlist it is not from that time. This is what they should play:
Intro : Churchill Speech
Aces High
2 Minutes To Midnight
Flight of Icarus
Children of the Damned
Phantom of the Opera
The Trooper
Wasted Years
The Number of the Beast
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
Run To The Hills
Stranger in a Strange Land
Infinite Dreams
Iron Maiden
Alexander the Great
Hallowed Be Thy Name

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