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Deicide -- Long Island, NY -- February 8th, 2009


Dead by Dawn
Once Upon the Cross
Scars of the Crucifix
The Stench of Redemption
Death to Jesus
Serpents of the Light
When Satan Rules His World
Holy Deception
Dead but Dreaming
Children of the Underworld
Homage for Satan
Lunatic of God's Creation
Kill the Christian
Sacrificial Suicide


Where is Your God Now / Icons of Evil
Born to Rape the World
Let the Killing Begin / Dechristianize
Devoured Elysium
Hammer Down the Nails

Mr. Benton was bitching up a storm on stage. First, he threatened to fire their soundman. He then complained about the feedback, then the lights, then the fog. He threatened to find the fog machine and break it, because he "can afford to" haha.
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