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Necromance -- Bath, PA -- February 7th, 2009

Well last night was the first round of an extensive Battle of the Bands competition, held in 2 local preliminary rounds, a semi-final, and finals which won't be held for a good 2 months or more. The grand prize of this competition is $20,000. There were 5 bands in last night's show, but the other bands were actually all pretty solid, so I feel pretty good about coming in first of the bands, thus moving on to the second round on March 21st. I honestly felt that this was the sloppiest show we've played in over 6 months.

Set list:
1.Stand Up and Fight
2.The Game
4.The End of Our Days
5.Never Look Back
6.Destiny Calls
7.Power of the Night (Savatage)
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