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Lordi -- Munich, Germany -- February 5th, 2009

Actually I didn't go to the concert but Livedome streamed the whole show in the internet. It was a quite nice show with lots of fireworks and pyrotechniques which most of the time didn't even fit to the music being played. But I guess that doesn't matter as long as it looks impressive. ;-)
Despite the fact that the crowd was pretty lame and Amen's guitar-solo was just awfully bad the performance was good and a lot of morbid stuff was going on.

Anyway, here's the setlist (approx. 90 minutes):

01. SCG IV (Intro)
02. Girls Go Chopping
03. They Only Come Out Of Night
04. Raise Hell In Heaven
--. Ox interlude
05. Bite It Like A Bulldog
06. Who's Your Daddy?
07. Blood Red Sandman
08. Man Skin Boots
09. Haunted Town
10. The Rebirth Of The Countess
--. Awa Interlude
11. Deadache
12. Bringing Back The Balls To Rock
--. Kita Interlude
13. Monster, Monster
14. It Snows In Hell
--. Amen Interlude
15. Wake The Snake
16. Amen Guitar-Solo
17. Dr. Sin Is In
18. Missing Miss Charlene
19. Would You Love A Monsterman
20. Devil Is A Loser
21. Hard Rock Hallelujah
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