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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
The Faceless had 30 minutes. If you like them, please skip the following paragraph.
I have heard many things about The Faceless, mostly positive, so I was hoping for something decent without hearing any of their music. They started their set with an instrumental piece that had a lot of uncanny similarities to both of the bands that followed, which isn't such a bad thing. Just as I'm warming up to the intricate and precise work on guitar and drums, some dude hops out onto the stage and yells something to the effect that can be heard up to 10 times on a July day in Mountain View, "What the fuck's up San Francisco?" I'm sorry to say that the singer killed the vibe of the music for the rest of the set. Something about progressive death metal music with a metalcore singer just doesn't sit well in the stomach. And if that seems hypocritical while at a Meshuggah show, just say fuck it. High props to the musicians in the band.
damn too bad u didnt like them. neither did i the first time i saw them, they're a band that grows on you. but you are right that their musicians are incredible!
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