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Cannibal Corpse has never failed to impress, if impress is the right word. In Cannibal Corpse's vocabulary, impress means to blow your fucking brains out!! In my opinion this is the best disc they've ever released. Many believed Kill, their 2006 album, was the most brutal to date. Evisceration Plague proves that there is always room for more blowing brains out. The Godfathers of Death Metal in no means sell out on this album. They start off with a bang (Priests of Sodom), and definetely do not end with a heartwarmer (Skewered from Ear to Eye). I personally think this is their best disc, the only competition being their 1992 masterpiece Tomb of the Mutilated. What can you say other than that they lived up to there expectations and never comprimised, for who are the Godfathers of Death Metal.

Rating (Out of 10): 9/10
Key Tracks: Evisceration Plague, Evidence in the Furnace, Scalding Hail
In Cannibal Corpse's Vocabulary, impress means to blow your fucking brains out!!
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