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Marty Friedman -- Hollywood, CA -- January 31st, 2009

This is purely a report.

Today I felt very very lucky to get to see Marty Friedman play a short show here in Hollywood, and hard to believe, it was a FREE show. He also answered audience's questions about everything from Megadeth to guitar playing to life in Japan. He also played the Tornado Of Souls solo on special request. That was a surreal thing for me. I had never imagined I would see Marty himself play that solo just a few feet away from me, specially because he left Megadeth long before I got a chance to see Megadeth in a show.

About the concert, he played 2 songs from his Loudspeaker album and a couple of other songs, along with an unreleased song which he said will be on his new album coming out sometime in May this year. There was also a one song from a Japanese girl band which he is producing. This whole event was being filmed to be televised in Japan's TV networks.

Marty was nice enough to answer all of the audience's questions. Here are the best of those I can remember:

Q : What advice would you give to young guitarists?
A : I guess that goes out to everyone present in this hall. The key thing is, don't give up. Even if you are not in a band and you enjoy playing, keep at it. Making a career out of it should not be the sole motive. And another main thing is, don't get jealous of other guys who you think are better than you. Keep your stuff going and enjoy it, you'll be fine.

Q : How did you find the transition from here to Japan?
A : I first got interested in the music there when I was touring with Megadeth and came across a couple of CDs. And when I decided that I want to explore that music and make myself a part of it, I had to move to Japan. Its like any other job. To make a serious career in another place, you have to live there. But talking about the music, it was dramatically different. I got used to it though.

Q : How important was it to learn the language there?
A : Very, very important. When it comes to working somewhere, you are a liability if you don't know the local language. To play with other musicians too, you need to know their language.

Q : How is your current relationship with Dave Mustaine?
A : Haven't heard from him in a long time but there is no bad blood between us.

Q : If he asked you to rejoin Megadeth, would you?
A : I would say a polite 'No'.

Q : Any modern bands you particularly like?
A : Decapitated comes to mind straight away.

Q : Who were some of the people to inspire you musically?
A : The Ramones.

Q : Why did you leave Megadeth?
A : Believe me there was no rift between any of the members. It was purely a musical decision. I did not like the direction the band was going in, musically. So I thought that point was right to part ways as I wanted to do totally different things. I did not want them to despise me for that.

After the show he also did a signing session where all of us got his autographs and got pictures with him too. I was too overwhelmed to talk much at all, but this is how it went :
Marty : How are you doing!
Me : Great! I'm a huge fan sir!
Marty : Thanks!
(Signs his picture on my two Megadeth CD booklets and poses for picture)
Me : I'm from India and I would like to tell you that we have a lot of your fans over there.
Marty : Oh wow man. Great place. My favorite food.
Me : You should plan some tour over there sometime.
Marty : I'll keep that in mind man.
Me : Thanks! Great pleasure!

All in all, a memorable day

My picture with Marty :

Picture of the stuff he signed :
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