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Cradle Of Filth -- Minneapolis, MN -- January 26th, 2009

well the setlist that was previously posted was similar for the most part, we just had a much different order.

still a great show, finally got to see Satyricon and Septic Flesh and i always enjoy some Filth....

1) Shat Out Of Hell
2) Guilded Cunt
3) ...Dusk and Her Embrace
4) 13th Caesar
5) Nymphetamine
6) Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
7) Honey and Sulphur
8) Under Huntress Moon


9) Cthulhu Dawn
10) Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
11) Her Ghost In The Fog
12) From The Cradle To Enslaved

at the end of the show the guitarist held up his hand and threw his pick which nicely landed directly in my hand so it made me happy. overall a very fun evening!!
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