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Dream Deicide Setlist

Alright here's mine

1.Once Upon the Cross
2.Oblivious to Evil
3.Scars of The Crucifix
4.Satan Spawn the Caceo Daemon
5.Believe the Lie
6.Homage for Satan
7.Angel of Agony
8.Bible Basher
9.Serpents of the Light
10.Fuck Your God
11.The Stench of Redemption
12.Till Death do Us Part
13.When Satan Rules His World
14.Dead but Dreaming
15.Bastard of Christ
16.Standing in The Flames
17.In Torment in Hell
18.When Heaven Burns
19.Not as Long as We Both Shall Live
20.Kill The Christian
21.Sacrificial Suicide
22.Mad at God
23.Death to Jesus
24.Lunatic of Gods Creation
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