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Originally Posted by Wizzbang11 View Post
I have to disagree here.
Despite being what you would call a Cattle "fanboy", I genuinely think this is their best work. To be completely honest, Karma. Bloody.Karma wasn't the greatest thing ever made. I think it lost some of the magic of Humanure and was a bit too clean, losing a bit of the Cattle sound. Harvest Floor is a major step up. I really love every track on it. They really took the technical aspects to a whole new level (turns out Troy can actually play bass :O! and well!), and the lyrics were as gruesome, schlocky and cynical as ever. There was also a whole melancholy feel throughout the album, which really added more depth and feeling to this one than anything I have heard from CD before. The highlights for me were The Product Alive, Into the Public Bath and Regret and the Grave. I dont really know what to say about The Product Alive, but it's just a great song, and the chorus is haunting, and awesome. Into the Public bath is very chunky & heavy, and the lyrics are truly disgusting. Regret and the Grave is a somber song, who's lyrics are probably the best "animal rights" lyrics from the band. Being a vegetarian I connected with the song very well, and its a perfect end to the album.

Best Cattle Album (well, DM Cattle, Human Jerky is still special)
ahaha dont worry i dont got problems with fanboys, and i personally think that they declined in a sense from Karma.Bloody.Karma. Honestly listening to this album it did not feel up to par when you compare it to other technical death metal such as Necrophagist and The Faceless, it does not make the list. I really must say though that their lyrics are a step up from Karma.Bloody.Karma. I'm not one to talk animal rights as I am a meatatarian but I respect that you enjoy those lyrics

6.5/10, still after yet another few tracks relistened to
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