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I have to disagree here.
Despite being what you would call a Cattle "fanboy", I genuinely think this is their best work. To be completely honest, Karma. Bloody.Karma wasn't the greatest thing ever made. I think it lost some of the magic of Humanure and was a bit too clean, losing a bit of the Cattle sound. Harvest Floor is a major step up. I really love every track on it. They really took the technical aspects to a whole new level (turns out Troy can actually play bass :O! and well!), and the lyrics were as gruesome, schlocky and cynical as ever. There was also a whole melancholy feel throughout the album, which really added more depth and feeling to this one than anything I have heard from CD before. The highlights for me were The Product Alive, Into the Public Bath and Regret and the Grave. I dont really know what to say about The Product Alive, but it's just a great song, and the chorus is haunting, and awesome. Into the Public bath is very chunky & heavy, and the lyrics are truly disgusting. Regret and the Grave is a somber song, who's lyrics are probably the best "animal rights" lyrics from the band. Being a vegetarian I connected with the song very well, and its a perfect end to the album.

Best Cattle Album (well, DM Cattle, Human Jerky is still special)
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